How does it work?

In order to complete a probate submission for HMRC, you are required to obtain an accurate appraisal of an estate’s assets. The valuations are based on the current open market value and we will appraise the contents of a house including antiques, specialist collectables, artwork, jewellery, watches, silver and furniture.

Every estate is different, but regardless of likely value we will always send a senior valuer with extesive knowledge to the property to undertake the appraisal.

We are required by legal guidelines to itemise individual objects worth £1,500 or more, with items of lesser value represented as part of group totals. We will need to be given access to all the assets within the estate, which may include items stored within a bank or in additional storage units and garages.

A fully researched typed and illustrated valuation will be produced and sent to you or your solicitor within three weeks of the date of the appointment. Extra copies for co-executors can be provided at no extra cost- either as typed copies or as a PDF via email.

We can also assist with the sale of specific items, the immediate storage of vulnerable valuable pieces and organising the clearance of residual items from the property through third-parties.

What you will receive:

We will send a hard copy of the valuation to either a solicitor or the executor(s), as requested.

How much will it cost?

We charge:

£500+VAT for the first hour (most of our valuations fall into this pricing bracket)

£150+VAT p/h thereafter

Once probate has been granted, we are on hand to help with selling items from the estate through the relevant specialist sales held throughout the year, our sales occur every 2-3 weeks.

Insurance Valuations

Plakas Auctions offers a range of services to help you value your assets so they can be insured accurately and at the correct price level ensuring peace of mind in the event of a claim.

Your insurance company or broker may recommend that you have a professional valuation, or you may like a list of the items in your home to guide you when renewing an insurance policy.

Typically items are appraised at one of two levels- either High Auction replacement or Retail Replacement. This will need to be discussed with both your insurance provider and the valuer prior to the valuation taking place.

Copies of the bound documents (with illustrations if requested) will be sent to you by recorded delivery within three weeks of the date of the appointment.