Why Sell with Plakas?

Client Services

We offer the best post-sales and after-sales service, we are with you the entire process.

Extensive Knowledge

Due to Plakas heavy experience in the market, you can be assured your object will be evaluated and catalogued correctly to achieve its highest possible value.


Each sale Plakas does has heavy social marketing generating great levels of publicity ensuring the right people will see the piece.

Competitive Pricing

Plakas has a global reach as they are cooperating with 10 international auction platforms as well as their own to generate the best results for your piece(s).

How To Sell with Plakas

Submitting your item for a free auction estimate is the first step to selling at Plakas. If it’s suitable for sale, we will provide a preliminary auction estimate.

Request a Valuation

Complete the form below to get in touch with Plakas, tell us as much as you can about the history of the item, if you have any old receipts or documentation it can help increase the value.

Uploading Photos & Documents

It is essential you upload as many photos as possible, including the base of the items, including any hallmarks/signatures.

Review & Submit

Log in or create an account and submit the form you have completed, a member of our team will aim to be in touch as soon as possible.

Free Auction Estimate

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Where is the Property located

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Attach Images

Allow upload of up to four images including the front and back of the items as well as any signatures or marks. Files must be JPEG or PNG format. Maximum of 5Mb per file.

Please upload at least one photo of your item.

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Upon successfully submitting a valuation form, a Plakas specialist will contact you to further discuss estimates and advise on sale dates also confirming the Seller's agreement and commission structure. Once you have signed your Seller’s Agreement, you should arrange for the item to be delivered to our saleroom.

Plakas can assist with the handling of the object(s). When the item is received by Plakas, our specialists will coordinate every detail of the object, this will be done by extensively researching the piece further and marketing it to prospective global buyers as well as cataloguing it correctly.

Alternatively, at certain value levels, Plakas can help broker a private sale, avoiding the restrictions of the auction calendar.

Before you sell your property with Plakas, you will need to sign a Seller’s Agreement. This is the contract that confirms the services, and outlines the fee structure and the terms and conditions of sale between you and Plakas.

Plakas will agree on a low and high estimate range for each item with you. This information is published in the auction catalogue and will be publicly available to global potential buyers.

Plakas will also agree on a reserve price with you for each item. This will be an amount that we both agree that we will not sell your item below during the auction. This amount must be equal to, or lower than the low estimate, and will not be published.

Our Fees are as follows:

15% (+ VAT) Seller's Commission up to £100,000.

10% (+ VAT) Seller's Commission to up £1,000,000.

Insurance is charged at 1.5% (+ VAT) of the hammer price.

Professional Photography fees charged at 1% (+ VAT) of the low estimate.

Charges for illustrations in the catalogue and on our website are usually agreed upon in advance.

You may also be charged for other external services such as shipping, restoration and framing, but these will be discussed and agreed upon with you beforehand.

There are no unsold fees.

As a seller, Plakas encourages you to join the excitement of the sale Join the excitement of the sale day by following it online via Plakas Live

Post Sales

You will receive a statement informing you of the price that your item achieved at auction. We will then confirm your net proceeds of sale based on the hammer price, with any agreed-upon expenses and commission deducted. Please note that prices listed on our website display the hammer price inclusive of the buyer’s premium.

Plakas will then act on your behalf to secure payment from the buyer. Provided we have received payment in full, approximately 30 days after the auction, subject to normal business conditions, your payment will be sent to your nominated account.

If a buyer was not found for your item, Plakas will contact you to discuss either re-offering or collecting your property.